The Spirit of a Woman : Stories to Empower and Inspire

The Spirit of a Woman : Stories to Empower and Inspire
Terry László-Gopadze
June 2010
Social Sciences
5 1/2 x 8 1/2
Trade Paper

Extraordinary Stories of Women’s Strength and Creativity
Combining storytelling and courageous honesty, The Spirit of a Woman: Stories to Empower and Inspire is an indispensable resource for every woman, providing inspiring stories of female creativity and compassion for those who want to lead lives full of meaning and purpose.

Consisting of approximately two dozen nonfiction essays—by authors such as Lauren Artress, Christina Baldwin, Bobbi Gibb, Mama Donna Henes, Jyoti, Dr. Gladys McGarey, Suni Paz, Hagit Ra’anan, Janet Grace Riehl, and Sheri Ritchlin—the book is a celebration of courageous women living spiritual lives in the face of challenging circumstances. Each story is unique and demonstrates the art of storytelling at its best.

The women who wrote the stories come from many nations, ages, and personal histories. They have encountered the difficulties that are part of a fully lived life, and instead of fleeing the unknown, they have honored the mystery and faced fear with faith. They see closed doors as openings to new choices and possibilities. They are spiritual optimists and activists, fighting for causes that resonate deep within their souls. Some have used the backgrounds of their cultures and traditions to lead richer, more meaningful lives. Some have moved from one faith to another or even to many other faiths. Others have left tradition behind to encounter spirituality in new and wonderful ways. And every single one of them sees life as a sacred trust.

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Author Information
Terry László-Gopadze

The editor of The Spirit of a Woman is a licensed marriage and family therapist. She worked for several years with youths in East Los Angeles, many of whom were involved in gangs. László-Gopadze also ran personal development workshops and groups in West Los Angeles for women, singles, and adolescents. She later expanded her work to include such diverse groups as cancer patients, Alcoholics Anonymous, university students, women’s groups, and health centers. Offering workshops on storytelling, shamanism, forgiveness, courage, intuition, healing, and creating destiny has been her passion and joy. She lives in Del Mar, California.


The Spirit of a Woman is filled with stories from women who, at key points in their lives, acted authentically; any one of them could be a role-model who inspires you to do what is true for you.”
—Jean Shinoda Bolen, M.D., author of Crones Don’t Whine
and The Millionth Circle

“Stories heal and help us make meaning from the events of our lives. The Spirit of a Woman brings together a circle of women who tell their stories with the honesty, courage and humor that lift both the storyteller and the one who listens.”
—Oriah Mountain Dreamer, author of The Invitation and The Call

“Knowledge that matters, that helps us to live, comes to us through honest stories. And these only surface because of the courage of those who admit to the messy splendor of living. In her collection, The Spirit of a Woman, Terry László-Gopadze has gathered through her own deep listening a remarkable host of such stories from wise women from around the world. And so the medicine here is twofold: demonstrations of how to be a spirit here on earth and living examples of how the feminine works to enliven our place in the Universe. This book will help you meet yourself and the world.”
—Mark Nepo, author of Facing the Lion, Being the Lion

“In its very title, The Spirit of a Woman engages us with each other at the level of spirit, which goes beyond all barriers. By telling stories of individual women, this book helps all of us to see past the circumstances in our lives that seem to be roadblocks. We find, as we relate to each other, resilience within our own spirit that adds life and color to our lives. Ordinary women do extraordinary things so, in reality, there are no ordinary women.”
—Gladys McGarey, MD, MD(H), author of The Physician Within You and Born to Live

“I have no doubt that some of the stories in The Spirit of a Woman will remain with me forever. All of them illuminate a core truth: The shape of a woman’s life is formed not only by circumstances and events but by her resilience—from which can unfold unexpected resourcefulness and moments of sheer grace.”
—Charlene Spretnak, author of Missing Mary

“I had to shake my head several times in awe when I read the stories in The Spirit of a Woman. So many women featured here have overcome vast obstacles in their lives in order to survive and even thrive…. Laszlo-Gopadze’s gentle introductions to each of the five sections of the book contain thought-provoking words as well…. The visual art of Nicholas Moss, on the cover and the interior, is a beautiful accompaniment to the women’s stories.”
Mary Ann Moore,