The Art and Design of Contemporary Wine Labels

The Art and Design of Contemporary Wine Labels
Tanya Scholes Foreword by Michael Mondavi
October 2010
Hundreds of Color and Black-and-White Photographs
Color photos and illustrations - Wine, Cooking, Design
Art & Photography
8½ x 11

The Art and Design of Contemporary Wine Labels is an illustrated survey of the art and design of contemporary wine labels from approximately 250 international wine producers. The book highlights the graphic designers and artists who have contributed to the progress of wine label design in the modern era.

Author Tanya Scholes reveals the often-unknown connection between what’s in the bottle and what’s on the label. Each wine label included in the book is a performer with an individual story to share, told through its graphic design. Through interviews with the winemakers and designers involved in the creation of each wine label, fascinating, eclectic, inspiring, educational, and sometimes unbelievable stories that have been hidden within each wine label design are uncovered and shared.

The book features full-color wine labels that have been praised for their originality and creativity. Through bold graphics, unique illustrations, beautiful typography, captivating photography, and powerful words and icons, the labels included inThe Art and Design of Contemporary Wine Labels offer intrigue and entertainment, while adding another layer of conversation to the experience of drinking a fine bottle of wine.

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Author Information
Tanya Scholes

is the author of The Art and Design of Contemporary Wine Labels. She is a floral designer who worked in the advertising and design industry for more than 10 years, during which time she gained a fine appreciation for graphic design, typography, photography, branding and packaging. She lives in Toronto, Ontario.


“Tanya Scholes has put together the most comprehensive book on the subject of wine label art that I have ever seen. It will simultaneously stimulate your mind and taste buds.”
—Manfred Krankl, Proprietor and Winemaker, Sine Qua Non

“Tanya brings the strength and value a label can add to a bottle of wine to life, and its ability to convey the history, future, character, and philosophy deep behind the paper.”
—Martin Malivoire, Proprietor, Malivoire Wine Company

“Tanya Scholes has gathered together the most visually compelling labels and provided a great back-story to the semiotic treasure trove that is the universe of wine labels.”
—Randall Grahm, Founder and Winemaker, Bonny Doon Vineyard and author of Been Doon So Long: A Randall Grahm Vinthology

“There is an artistry to winemaking that extends to its packaging. The wine labels showcased in Tanya Scholes’s book are the essence of a wine language that people can relate to and actually understand.”
—Charles Smith, Owner and Winemaker, K Vintners and Charles Smith Wines

“Confronted by thousands of choices, a simple grocery errand becomes an Odyssean quest. Let author Tanya Scholes shed a little light on the arcane alchemy of wine label design in The Art and Design of Contemporary Wine Labels.”
—Jeffrey Caldewey, Founder, Icon Design Group and co-author of Icon: Art of the Wine Label

“This is, without question, the most complete book on the ‘story’ of wine labels I have read.”
—Bob Nugent, Curator of Collections, Benziger and Imagery Estate Wineries

“You can’t judge a wine by its label, but you can deepen your sensory pleasure by looking more closely at it. This is just the book to help you do that. Beautifully illustrated with surprising insights, The Art and Design of Contemporary Wine Labels is its own work of art.”
—Natalie MacLean, author of Red, White and Drunk All Over and Publisher of the

“The world of wine is a incredible melting pot of mother nature, people, history, geography, science, art, and design—and Tanya Scholes’s The Art and Design of Contemporary Wine Labels captures it in all its glory. An absolute must.”
—Matt Skinner, sommelier consultant, educator, writer, and author of Thirsty Work, Heard It through the Grapevine, and his annual guide The Juice: 100 Wines You Should Be Drinking

“With verve, care, and humor, Tanya Scholes adeptly teases out the magic ghost that exists within a bottle of wine, and helps us understand how that spirit is manifested on the front in all its glory.”
—Kathryn Borel Jr., author of Corked

“Tanya Scholes has done a superb job explaining how, in the same way fine wines speak for the land from which they grew, a good label speaks authentically about the wine around which it is wrapped.”
—Nicole Vallée, RGD, Editor-in-Chief, Brix magazine

“Tanya Scholes has collated a brilliant collection of wine labels and has provided interesting insights into the thoughts that went into the label development. The Art and Design of Contemporary Wine Labels is a fascinating, must-read for any wine lover.”
—Simon West, Managing Director of Fullglass Management Wine Sales, Marketing, and Export

“Wine is art, wine is poetry, wine is culture. Let it be crazy, romantic, funny, or ironic, but take the trip in the world of wine labels created by Tanya Scholes.”
—Dr. Evelyne Resnick, author of Wine Brands and

“With over 220,000 wine brands on the shelves globally, a good wine label screams ‘buy me’ and Tanya Scholes’s encyclopedia of wine labels will become an important work of inspiration for graphic designers, artists, marketers, and collectors alike.”
—Mike Carter, Publisher of