Life Is Short. Eat Biscuits!

Life Is Short. Eat Biscuits!
Amy Jordan Smith Illustrated by Ted Meyer
June 2004

The lessons that dogs have to teach us about unconditional love and happiness are presented in this compilation of canine-inspired maxims. Infused with wit and humor, the Zen of dogs is captured in such inspirational bits of wisdom as, "For a dog there is only do or not do," and "Ask yourself, 'What would Lassie do?'" Masterfully designed with whimsical illustrations throughout, this collection of Taoist insights offers a refreshing perspective on living a happier and fuller life.

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Author Information

Amy Jordan Smith

The author of Life Is Short. Eat Biscuits! is a marketing and advertising professional who writes and directs television commercials and videos. She is also the creator of the dog Zen/humor web site Amy lives in Key Biscayne, Florida, with a new puppy, Elvis.