Free Stuff & Good Deals on the Internet

Free Stuff and Good Deals on the Internet
Linda Bowman
April 2001
How-To & Reference
5 3/8 x 8 3/8

Have you discovered the joy of surfing the World Wide Web? Then you're going to love Free Stuff & Good Deals on the Internet. It features goods and services that are either absolutely free or are such a fantastic deal, you won't want to pass them up! And best of all, author and professional bargain hunter Linda Bowman shows you how to obtain your free gifts and incredible bargains quickly and easily. This fact-filled guide is packed with information on where to find:

  • Free Money on the Internet
  • Free Expert Advice
  • Incredible Travel Bargains
  • Free Health Care Information
  • Free Financial and Legal Advice
  • Free Educational Opportunities
  • Free Business Opportunities
  • Incredible Shopping Bargains
  • Free Magazines, Newsletters, Catalogs and Books
  • Free Stuff for Kids and Their Parents
  • Organizations and Associations
    . . . and much more!

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Table of Contents


Chapter 1
Free Expert Advice on the Internet
General Information
Career Advice
Computers and Technology
Family Relationships and Parenting
Health and Wellness
Home Remodeling and Repair
Home Buying, Selling and Building
Kids and Teens
Lifestyle and Relationships
Money, Finance and Consumerism
Household Pets
Sports and Gaming
Travel and Vacations

Chapter 2
Save on Travel Using the Internet

How to Fly for Free
Internet Sites for Business Travelers
Use Consolidators to Save on Airfare
Frequent Flyer Programs
Package Tours
Tour Operators and Travel Agents
Booking Your Own Flight
Online Auctions
Online Classified Ads
Searchable Airline Databases for Flight Schedules
Searchable Databases for Airport Information
E-Zines and Travel Reports
Monthly Pocket Guides
Other Travel Sites to Visit

Chapter 3
Free Stuff for Kids and Their Parents

Arts and Crafts
Sports and Games
Hobbies and Collecting
Building Brain Power in Kids for Free
Saving the Environment and Protecting Nature
Associations and Organizations Working for Safe, Happy and Healthy Kids

Chapter 4 How to Find Money for College on the Internet
Financial Aid Applications, Processing and Information
Sources of Information on Student Aid
Join a Military Program
Academic Scholarships
Private Scholarship Sources

Chapter 5
Free Grant Money for Education, Research, Business, the Arts, etc.

Useful Web Sites to Begin Your Search
Federal Grant Programs
Money for Innovative Research
Grants for Education
The Pell Grant
Federal Supplemental Educational Opportunity Grants (FSEOG)
Other Sources of Educational Grant Money
Private Foundations
Sources to Help You Write Your Grant Proposal

Chapter 6
How to Start a Business for Free on the Internet

Free and Low-Cost Start-Up Businesses
How Much Money Will You Need?
Free Money-Venture Capital and How to Get It
Angel Funding
The Small Business Administration
Free Help in Preparing Your Business Plan
Free Tools to Help You Write Your Plan
Free Business Advice
Building a Business Web Site for Free
Free Internet Service Providers
Free Tools to Help You Build Your Web Site
The Best Free E-Mail Lists
Free Advertising and Marketing for Your New Business Web Site


  • Free phone calls
  • Free computers
  • Free Internet service providers
  • Free web page hosting
  • Free fax service
  • Free food, products and services
  • Free financial newsletters and advice
  • Free stuff for your pets
  • Free stuff for your kids
  • Free medical advice
  • Free accounting and legal services
  • Free money from contests and drawings (One site offers free entry into a $10,000 per day drawing, just for logging on!)
  • Free travel information and savings
  • Free information on just about any subject you can think of

It’s all available on the Internet!
Web sites that provide free goods and/or information are an essential part of what the Internet was designed for: the free exchange of information between users. The Internet’s greatest online success stories fall within this category, including Yahoo and the other search engines, popular chat programs such as Freetel, and news or magazine sites such as MSNBC.
The amount of valuable free products, information and services on the Internet is amazing, overwhelming, and growing every day. In fact, by the time this book is published, many more resources for free stuff and good deals wil have appeared on the Internet. However, I have done my very best to inform you of as many freebies as were available at the time of publishing. If you use the web sites in this book, they will lead you to many, many more sites and ideas that will help you in your search-no matter the topic.
That’s the good news. The bad news is that finding what information is available and locating the actual sites can be very confusing and difficult. Imagine going into the world’s largest library and finding all of the books scattered on the floor! Trying to make sense out of the world’s biggest source of information is a daunting and frustrating task to the uninitiated user. The information is there, but how are you going to find it?
That is exactly what Free Stuff and Good Deals on the Internet will teach you to do. The following chapters will both alert you to the most valuable and useful free services and offers available on the Internet, and lead you directly to the web sites that will provide what you are looking for with a few simple clicks of your mouse.
So . . .
If you’ve been intimated by confusing, endless routes to getting what you want ;
If you’ve given up trying to locate sites that can save you time and money (isn’t that what proponents of shopping on the Internet advertise?);
If you’ve cursed, ranted and raved about what a huge waste of time the Internet is (even though everyone else you know believes it’s the greatest invention since the wheel);
If you know that you’re missing out on fantastic opportunities;
If you want to join the party and begin using this amazing tool to save on nearly everything you use and do . . .
Keep reading!!

©2001 by Linda Bowman